Affidavit of Surety to Surrender

by Richard Jones  - June 6, 2023

When you are on bond with a bonding company, they may seek to get off the bond. Two reasons the company may do this is because the defendant has failed to pay or because the defendant is not checking in with the bonding company.

Once a judge agrees and lets the bond company off, a warrant will be issued and the defendant is subject to arrest. There are ways to avoid this from happening.

First, I have been able to intervene in some cases and re-establish contact between the company and the defendant. When I am hired on a case, I try to maintain a good relationship between the bonding company and the defendant. Second, if the bonding company is trying to get off for a trivial reason I can argue to the judge on my client’s behalf and get the judge to not agree to the bonding company’s request.

The best way to this situation in Travis County is to hire an Austin criminal attorney, like myself, who is experienced in using the Travis County resources of Pretrial Services to obtain release on a personal bond. The money savings to such a bond can be substantial. If you are on a surety bond and the bonding company is seeking to get off the bond, be sure to either consult your lawyer or hire one if you don’t have one.

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