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Austin Criminal Defense Attorney

Charged with a Crime? Call Richard T. Jones!

After an arrest, it is vitally important to your future that you retain skilled representation that can aggressively fight for your rights. The Law Office of Richard T. Jones is dedicated to providing excellent representation and pursuing favorable results in each case that the lead attorney handles. With more than 20 years of experience handling various criminal defense issues, Attorney Jones can provide you with the representation and defense of your case that you need.

Proven Success in Misdemeanor & Felony Defense

Why You Need Richard T. Jones on Your Side:

  • Over 20 years of experience in criminal defense
  • More than 3,000 misdemeanor cases handled
  • More than 1,000 felony cases handled
  • Outstanding client service
  • No case is too big for him to handle

There are many various penalties that you could face upon conviction of any crime. The attorney at this law office understands that accidents happen and that everyone deserves a second chance. You need to be sure that you are taking the necessary steps to provide for your future by building a strong defense of your case and pursuing beneficial outcomes in your court proceedings. This law office can provide you with the assistance that you need to be successful.

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What Kind of Service Can You Expect?

"This is a true story. Recently I had a client contact me while he was being arrested. I was texting him while he was being arrested and I assured him that as soon as I returned to the courthouse I would see about having his warrant lifted. Nice level of service. It gets better.

I was in the dentist's chair waiting to have two fillings done at the time. Granted, I didn't text while the dentist was drilling but that's only because I couldn't see my phone to text with the dentist literally in my face. Three hours later, while my face was still slightly numb, he was released. I can't guarantee results in any particular case, but I will promise my best efforts even while at the dentist."

- Attorney Richard Jones

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Fight Your Criminal Charges in Austin

Facing charges of violent crimes can result in severe penalties upon conviction. It is important for your future that you understand the consequences of having a criminal record. Criminal conviction will incur a criminal record, which could lead to you being denied various opportunities. For example, many employers require a background check before hiring you. Similarly, managers of apartment complexes can require a background check as well. If you are found to have a criminal conviction, then you could be denied employment, housing, and / or other benefits.

There are also convictions that can result in disqualification from candidacy for future employment. For example, some commercial driving companies require that you have a clean driving record. If you are charged and convicted of DWI, then you could be denied employment and disqualified from any possible future employment with commercial driving companies. This can be an extremely severe situation, especially if you have pursued this vocation as a career. You need skilled representation working with you to pursue a favorable outcome.

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Retain the Criminal Defense Representation You Need

The Law Office of Richard T. Jones is dedicated to providing the representation that you need to defend against criminal charges. The attorney takes the time to understand your situation and then works to provide you with the personalized attention that you require. The attorney at the firm treats his clients like family. If you choose to employ the office's legal services, then you will be provided with your attorney's cell phone number and will have access to him and his team when you need them.

The law office takes each case that it handles extremely seriously and works to provide each client with the legal representation needed to pursue the preferred outcome. A free case evaluation is offered so that you may obtain legal advice and answers regarding your situation before making any commitment.

Contact the attorney today to discuss your case and retain the representation you need!

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