How Long Is Probation?

by Richard Jones  - May 23, 2023

How Long Is Probation?

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For misdemeanors, probation periods are generally no less than nine months and may not exceed two years. For state jail felonies, they last between 2 years and 5 years with the month common being three or four. For all other felonies, if probation is an option, the period is from 2 to 10 years.

Again, there very few 2 year probations. For many years, 10 year felony probations were relatively common. Now there is a push more in the 5 to 6 year range.

Although there is no limitation, I have never seen a probation for half years. In other words nobody gets six and half years of probation. As a side note, prison sentences that have a half year are considered unlucky by many defendants. They feel it stands out and messes with parole calculations.

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