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Defending Those Charged with Shoplifting in Texas

If you or a loved one has been charged with the theft offense of shoplifting, it is important to know what that entails and the likely penalties that result with a conviction. These are one of the most frequent theft crimes observed in the state. They can be committed by individuals who are any age and in all different walks of life. It could have resulted from a miniscule mistake or an error in judgment that led to your charge of shoplifting. This is a serious offense that can be placed on your criminal record and result in many other penalties, both criminal and civil. This is a situation that can impact your future, which is why your case requires the attentive legal assistance of an Austin criminal defense lawyer from the firm.

Shoplifting Penalties

Taking items out of a store with the intention of not paying the store for its entire value is called shoplifting. Whether the action involved taking the shirt or removing the tag on an expensive shirt with a tag that is less expensive, you can be charged with shoplifting and face the resulting penalties. Petty theft is the offense describing charges that are work $950 or less. This is a misdemeanor offense that can be penalized by a maximum of six months in jail, along with probation time and heavy fines. The penalty and charge is directly associated to the value of the item that has been stolen. The crime of shoplifting becomes a felony if the value of the items stolen from the shop is $1,500 or more. The punishments can be enhanced in circumstances where there is a weapon involved.

In addition to criminal punishments for shoplifting, there may also be civil penalties. A conviction for the charge of theft from a store may include restitution to the victim. According to the Texas Theft Liability Act, the victim of shoplifting can also sue for damages, which will be an entirely different criminal case. The store can send the offender a letter that demands the full payment of the entire value of the item that has been stolen. They can also demand that the offender pay recovery fees of an amount up to $1,000. If you are accused of taking multiple items, the value of those items can be added together.

Charged with shoplifting?

At The Law Office of Richard T. Jones, the attorney understands what it requires to solve your case. It is important not to take this situation into your own hands. You risk not being able to have every opportunity of obtaining a reduction or dismissal of charges. The firm can aggressively fight the case against you and can challenge the evidence brought before you. You want to do everything you can to avoid a public criminal record. A record involving a shoplifting conviction can result in substantial challenges, especially when job searching.

The penalty you face for a shoplifting offense can be avoided by securing the legal assistance of an Austin criminal lawyer. You have options that should be discussed through a case evaluation. With a thorough investigation, the firm can likely develop a strong defense that helps you get your charges reduced or dismissed. The attorney can help you know how best to proceed with your case and the defense options that may be available. With experience and substantial negotiation skills, the firm can do what it takes to protect your future. The firm is prepared to efficiently handle your case with diligence. Contact the office today to discuss your situation and find out how they can defend your case!

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