What Should I Look For In A Criminal Lawyer?

What Should I Look For In A Criminal Lawyer?

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The State Bar of Texas has pamphlet online on how to select a lawyer. The state bar suggests that you look for a lawyer with experience in your type of problem. Ask whether there is a charge for an initial consultation.

If your problem is routine, is there a standard fee? If it’s not routine, what is the hourly fee? Most criminal lawyers use a standard fee based on the complexity of the case and the severity.

Generally misdemeanors cost less than felonies Does the attorney provide a written fee agreement? Note that not all criminal attorneys use fee forms, but any personal injury lawyer who collects a percentage of a recovery must use a written agreement.

Typically it is better to hire someone who regularly practices in the court where you are charged. Being familiar with the local rules and personalities of the court and prosecution may benefit you.

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