Jury Selection Do’s and Dont’s

by Richard Jones  - May 23, 2023

Jury Selection Do’s and Dont’s

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There are many steps in a jury trial. One of the steps is jury selection. There have been books written about the process. Here are some practical pointers and details on the actual process.

First, show up early. Being late for your own trial irritates the judge and will put you at an immediate disadvantage.

Second, turn your cell phone off unless you need to update your attorney as to where you are. You never know if a potential jury member is lurking in the lobby or courtroom. You don’t want them to hear your argument with your mom or how this case sucks.

Third, be careful getting to the courthouse. The car you cut off may have a potential juror. They will remember you unkindly.

Fourth, dress comfortably but tastefully. No shorts. No tennis shoes. A tie and jacket is not necessary unless you are used to wearing them. You will look uncomfortable and the jury may consider a sign of guilt. Women should not dress like a nun but also nothing that’s going to make male jurors stare and women jurors frown.

Fifth, do nothing that will call attention to yourself.

Sixth, politeness to strangers such as holding doors may be noticed in a positive way.

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