If You’ve Been Drinking

by Richard Jones  - May 23, 2023

Things You Don’t Want To Do Behind The Wheel If You’ve Been Drinking

– JK, Texas


The government has conveniently posted a pamphlet by NHTSA called the DWI Detection Guide – and it is used by the Austin area police. One of the categories is Maintaining Lane Position.

Simply put, if you’re not driving down the center of your lane, you have a good chance of being pulled over.

As kids, most of us enjoyed weaving on our bikes, sometimes seeing how far over we can get or how tight a turn we can make. This is not a good idea if you’re driving. So, if you’ve been drinking – stay centered in your lane.

And if that’s the only reason for the stop, you may have a chance at a hearing. This is particularly true at a hearing for an Automatic License Revocation. You may be able to beat the stop and keep your license.

If you’re feeling exuberant, find some other way than weaving in your lane. And whatever you do, DO NOT text while driving. No one is good enough to stay centered in their lane while driving.

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