Have You Been Charged with DWI or Public Intoxication (PI) in Houston?

by Richard Jones  - May 23, 2023

Have You Been Charged with DWI or Public Intoxication (PI) in Houston?

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If you have been charged with public intoxication or DWI, then you need to contact an attorney immediately. You only have 15 days to request a hearing to prevent your your driver’s license from being suspended for a DWI.

Public Intoxication Charges in TX

A public intoxication charge will show up on your record if not handled properly. While a public intoxication charge will not affect your ability to drive it could hurt your chances in searching for work. It could keep you from being hired for some types of jobs.

I was one of two attorneys involved in project options, a special program for persons charged with public intoxication. In my six years as Project Options attorney I helped over a hundred people. While no one can guarantee results, I have been very successful in getting public intoxication cases dismissed. Once the case is dismissed, I can assist in having the case expunged ( a fancy word for erased) from my client’s record. The key is to act soon.

I can also handle all the court appearances for most public intoxication cases. My client’s time is valuable, it shouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary court appearances.

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For a DWI, I can handle the license revocation hearing. My assistant and I will request a hearing and I will attend the hearing. At the hearing I will question the police officer and fight for your license. By requesting the hearing, we delay any possible license suspension. This gives us time to prepare an occupational license allowing you to drive to work, school and any required counseling. But if the hearing isn’t requested in the 15 day period, the license will be definitely suspended.

If for some reason you contact me after 15 days and haven’t requested a hearing, I can still help. I can request an occupational (temporary limited ) driver’s license for you. You could be arrested if you drive on a suspended license. If you drive on a suspended license while on bond for any criminal case, then your bond could be revoked. Call me immediately and I can help!

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Deferred Adjudication vs Probation

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