Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious criminal offense that packs harsh and life-changing penalties. From hefty fines and ongoing costs to possible terms of imprisonment, mandatory classes, probation and criminal records, criminal consequences can impact virtually all aspects of your life. Perhaps the most troubling and difficult penalty convicted offenders must grapple with, however, are license suspensions.

Here to support and assist clients throughout every step of their legal process, Austin Criminal Defense Attorney is prepared to provide experienced representation to protect you from both criminal and license penalties.

Suspension Hearings

Anyone who has been arrested for a DWI in Texas must be aware that they face two separate legal proceedings. Criminal cases, conducted in a criminal court, concern whether or not you are guilty of a criminal offense. They also enforce the penalties you will experience and the terms of your conviction if you are found guilty. Suspension hearings, on the other hand, are conducted independently from criminal cases and concern only the consequences you face to your driver’s license. After an arrest for a DWI, you must schedule an administrative hearing with the Texas State Department of Public Safety (DPS) within 15 days. This hearing will allow you to challenge the circumstances surrounding your arrest to preserve your driving privileges.

Depending on the nature of your charge, you may face different license suspensions. Generally, DWI convictions can subject you to a license suspension of no less than 90 days and no more than 2 years. From varying lengths of suspensions to revocations, these repercussions can greatly compromise your personal and professional well-being. Driving, especially in Texas, is an essential part of daily life and license suspensions can threaten your ability to work, which can cause numerous additional burdens.

Provisional License

Given the serious impact license suspensions can have on your life, it is vital that you work with legal representation that knows how to effectively state your case, challenge evidence and fight for your driving privileges. Depending on the facts involved in your case, an Austin DWI lawyer may also be able to fight on your behalf for alternative suspension options and provisional licenses. Ignition Interlock Devices (IID,) for example, can allow you to retain your driving privileges. Occupational driver’s license may also be obtained in some cases. These can provide provisional driving privileges while your license is suspended, such as the ability to drive for school, work or essential household duty purposes.

Allow an Experienced Austin DWI Attorney to Fight for You

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