Drug Possession & Trafficking

by Richard Jones  - June 6, 2023

If You’ve Been Accused of Drug Possession or Trafficking, Get the Help of An Experienced Attorney

You’re facing drug charges. Maybe they were found in your possession, or you’ve been charged with trafficking.
Either way, the Texas courts will take your alleged crime very seriously.

Pleading guilty or no contest won’t make the problem go away. The conviction will stay on your record. It could keep you from getting a job, pursuing higher education and finding a place to live.

You need an affordable attorney who will stand up for your rights and protect your freedom. Someone who understands how the Texas courts work and can defend you.

Hi, my name is Richard Jones. I’m a drug possession and trafficking attorney in Austin, Texas.

You’re facing serious charges. While possessing less than 4 ounces of marijuana is just a misdemeanor, possessing less than a gram of cocaine is a felony. It’s important that you get an attorney who can protect you and your record.

As Your Attorney I Will:

  • Examine police conduct. If they didn’t followed the law during a search and seizure, I’ll move to suppress the evidence.
  • Negotiate other options. This can include a diversion program, counseling or community service instead of a conviction and jail time.
  • Defend you in the courtroom.

Drug convictions often carry mandatory sentences, including life in prison. But you’ve only been accused at this point. Keep it that way. Get a qualified attorney to fight for you.

You’re probably a little scared and overwhelmed with everything that’s happened. You may not even fully understand all your legal options.

Give me a call. Tell me what happened and I’ll answer all your questions. The consultation is completely free.

And if you decide I’m not the right attorney for you? That’s okay.

Contact my office today at 512-495-1813 for your free consultation.

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