Defense Fees

If you are facing criminal charges, then you may be experiencing a variety of emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and uncertainty regarding the future. It is important that you have skilled representation on your side to pursue a favorable outcome to the situation that you face. You may recognize this need and you may have called several attorneys in the Austin, Texas area. You may have also found that they want exorbitant amounts of money for their legal services. For example, some attorneys charge a first-time DWI fee of up to $3,500 or a felony charge fee of $20,000. It does not have to be like this!

If you choose to retain the legal assistance of this law office, then you could have fees of only $800 for a first-time DWI, with an additional $200 fee for assistance with the occupational license. This law office understands that you are experiencing many different hardships, and the last thing you need is discouragement and despair due to an inability to retain adequate representation. Attorney Austin Criminal Defense Attorney has over two decades of practice in criminal defense and has helped more than 3,000 clients pursue favorable outcomes in court. Not only does this office offer low rates for those who need them, but the team also has proven experience that you can rely on in your time of need.

Affordable Legal Assistance

The skill that you need on your side, along with minimal fees and extensive contact availability, can all be found at Austin Criminal Defense Attorney. This attorney has provided many clients with the assistance that they needed in the past, including counseling and community service opportunities, and he can do the same for you. He takes each case very seriously and provides clients with the personalized and individual attention that they need. The law office also offers a free case evaluation as finances can be tight during this difficult time in your life. Seek assistance with your case today!