Types of Abuse

There are several different types of domestic abuse. If you are charged with the crime of domestic violence, then your sentence could depend on the type of abuse you are convicted of committing. Generally, abuse is considered to be an act causing physical harm to another person intentionally or recklessly. Another kind of abuse is sexual assault. Regardless of the circumstances or parties involved, it is important that you have skilled representation if you are charged with a violent sex crime. In addition to physical abuse, causing someone to fear imminent bodily injury can also be considered abuse. This can occur through yelling, threatening, and other actions.

One other type of abuse is economic suppression. This involves preventing a person from leaving the house, obtaining medical care, or pursuing adequate provision. If you have been arrested and charged with the crime of domestic abuse, then you need to seek the legal representation of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you are convicted of the crime of domestic violence or abuse, then you could face jail time, fines, and restraining orders. Your situation is important, and you can effectively pursue a favorable outcome to your criminal case with the correct representation.

The Attorney’s Approach

When reviewing a new case, Austin Criminal Defense Attorney takes the time to understand the clients’ circumstances, takes each situation extremely seriously, and provides the personalized attention that each case requires. He also begins each case by starting clients on counseling and community service in order to demonstrate to the court that they are good people who are willing to help the community. This attorney genuinely cares about his clients, and if you choose to work with him, then you will be treated like family; you will not become just another case number. Retain his legal assistance in your situation as soon as possible to begin building a strong defense of your case.