Protective Orders

A protective order is a court-issued document that legally prevents a person from coming within a certain distance of an abuse victim. For example, if you are charged or convicted of physically abusing a domestic relation, then you could have protective order issued against you that prevents you from coming within a certain distance of the victim’s home, workplace, vehicle, or person. Those who are eligible to obtain restraining orders must meet certain criteria. They must be a blood relative or married relative, currently or formerly living together, or have a child in common.

If the court determines that a person is the victim of domestic violence, and the court suspects that they could be victimized again, then the court may issue a protective order against aggressor. If you are facing charges of domestic violence, then you need to pursue skilled representation in your situation as soon as possible. In addition to a protective order, you could face other serious penalties upon conviction depending on the severity of your charge, such as jail, prison time, and substantial fines.

Defending Your Rights

Conviction of a domestic violence charge could also result in a criminal record, which will follow you for the rest of your life and possibly prevent you from obtaining employment or housing. You may greatly benefit from the experienced representation that is offered by Austin Criminal Defense Attorney. Utilize the free case evaluation form in order to obtain advice and answers regarding your situation and to begin the process of retaining the skillful representation that you need in your case. If you choose to work with this attorney, then you can be sure that your case will be taken seriously and you will receive the personalized attention that you deserve. Seek the representation of this law office immediately.