Facing Accusations?

There are many different violent crimes that you could be arrested and charged with committing. The crime of domestic violence is closely related to the crime of assault in that it involves violence or the threat of violence to another person. Penalties for conviction of this crime can range in severity depending on a number of factors.

Relationships that are considered domestic or family include:

  • Current or former spouses
  • Current or former dating couples
  • People who share a child in common
  • Housemates or roommates

If you are arrested for assault and the victim is found to be any of the aforementioned relations to you, then you will be charged with the crime of domestic assault. There are several issues that you must be aware of in these situations.

First, there are many cases in which innocent people are arrested and charged with this crime due to a retaliatory or spiteful action on the part of a domestic relation. False accusations occur, so it is important that the truth be aggressively sought. Second, there are many types of behaviors that could be considered abusive or violent. Verbal abuse and physical abuse are both considered in this charge.

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