Why Choose Austin Criminal Defense Attorney?

Facing arrest and criminal charges can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. It is crucial to your future that you remain silent after your arrest and seek the representation of a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Austin Criminal Defense Attorney is dedicated to providing excellent representation for those who are charged with criminal activity. Attorney Austin Criminal Defense Attorney can offer representation for any of the following areas of crime and due process of law:

We Fight All Types of Criminal Charges in Texas

Assault You could be arrested and charged with the crime of assault if another person claims that you threatened them with imminent bodily harm. There are many cases in which people are wrongly accused of this crime.

Domestic Violence There are many relationships that could fall under the category of domestic, and there are many various actions that can be considered violent. Physical violence and verbal abuse such as threats could result in charges of this crime.

Drug Crimes Cultivation, distribution, and possession of illegal substances are some of the more common types of drug crimes. Depending on the amount and schedule of the controlled substance that you are being charged with handling, you could face serious penalties.

DWI If you are pulled over while driving, and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is found to be at or higher than the legal limit of 0.08%, then you will be arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Penalties for this crime can be severe and lasting.

Felonies Felony convictions in the state of Texas can result in extensive prison time, fines, and many other penalties that could follow you for the rest of your life. Depending on the specifics of the crime, you could even face the death penalty in some cases.

Jail Release If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, or your family member is currently awaiting trial, then you may benefit from an attorney-assisted bond, bail, or jail release.

Sex Offenses In the state of Texas, sex offenses such as rape and sexual assault are some of the more-serious offenses you could be charged with committing. Conviction of this kind of felony can result in extensive prison time and sex offender registration.

Theft Crimes Depending on the value of the items that you are charged with stealing, you could face very serious penalties for conviction of a theft crime. Felony convictions can carry anywhere from 180 days to 99 years in prison.

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If you are facing criminal charges, then you need to seek the legal representation of an attorney from this law office immediately. The more time you waste in choosing a representative for your case, the less time that your attorney will have to build a strong defense for you. With more than two decades of experience, this attorney can provide you with skillful and insightful legal assistance to effectively pursue a favorable outcome to your situation.

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