Criminal Defense Practice Areas

by Richard Jones  - June 6, 2023

I’ve successfully defended more than 3,000 clients in my two decades as an Austin DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer.

And I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal issues – or the legal issues of a family member.

I can assist with:

  • Any Felony Charge
  • DWI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault
  • Drug Possession & Trafficking
  • Shoplifting

Give my office a call at 512-399-9972 for your FREE consultation.

And I’ll let you know how I can help.

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Richard Jones

Austin criminal defense attorney Richard Jones. This legal practice is dedicated to helping individuals like you—those caught in the crosshairs of criminal allegations and in dire need of dependable legal counsel. Richard also proficient in handling allegations related to theft crimes and is prepared to assist you during this stressful time.