Case Results

  • Results for August

    One day on the case and a dismissal. My client was charged with shoplifting. It was her first offense. I was able to convince the prosecutor to offer a deferred prosecution instead of pretrial diversion or deferred adjudication. Under the deferred prosecution agreement her case was dismissed upfr... Read On

  • Results for August 6, 2012

    One week into August and already we have two dismissals. While results will vary, I know what prosecutors are looking for and I know how to fight for my clients. Today I got a dismissal for a possession of marijuana case. For a different client I was able to get their theft charge dismissed. The ... Read On

  • From habitual felony to dismissal

    On 12 July a client was set on the jury docket. Based on the quantity of drugs involved and the client's criminal history the client was looking at a minimum of 25 years. The offer before going on the jury docket was at least 10 years. There were issues with the case. The prosecutor called me a f... Read On

  • One day, three dismissals

    Monday the 25th of June was a good day for my clients. One client was accused of assaulting a store loss prevention employee while shoplifting. The case was set for jury trial and the state dismissed the case. Another client was charged with possession of marijuana. I advised the client to take a... Read On

  • DWI Charges Dismissed

    Client facing parole revocation and felony conviction is reinstated on parole. Misdemeanor DWI dismissed. Client was charged with state jail felony possession of controlled substance. He was arrested after being involved in an accident and also charged with misdemeanor DWI. His alcohol level was ... Read On

  • Probation Revoked

    A young man I represented was placed on felony probation. At first he struggled on probation and was arrested on a probation violation. I convinced the prosecutor to give him 30 days in jail and a second chance. The young does well for a while and then has transportation issues and quits reportin... Read On

  • Two Felony Charges End In One Misdemeanor

    Client had previous conviction just a couple of years ago for assault family violence. His ex-girlfriend accuses him of assault. He gets charged with a felony because of the prior family violence conviction. He is out on bond and the ex-girlfriend comes to his house. He gets charged with a second... Read On

  • Arrested On One Felony & Four Misdemeanors

    Client charged with felony drug possession, misdemeanor drug possession, evading arrest, misdemeanor theft and family violence. Client has felony deferred adjudication in Williamson County revoked. Client can't enter plea on anything but misdemeanor without ruining any chances of appealing felony... Read On

  • 17 Year Old Charged With Sex With A Minor Avoids Sex Offender Registration

    A young man who was 17 had sex with a 14 year old girl. He was more than three years older than the fourteen year old girl. It is a sex crime in Texas to have sex with someone under 17 years old unless the participants are within three years of age. A private lie detector test showed that the sex... Read On

  • Probation For Arsonist

    A young man was upset with a sorority so he walks in during a party and sets a couch on fire. Fortunately no one was injured. He and his girlfriend flee to Mexico, stopping along the way to spray paint her jeep a different color. They get drunk in Mexico and get caught and are extradited back to ... Read On

  • Three Felonies & One Felony Probation Violation

    Client had previous conviction for assault family violence. He gets out on bond and then subsequently over a several month period gets charged with three felony assault family violence cases. I get hired after he's in jail. I get him into the sheriff's assault prevention program at the county jai... Read On

  • Five cases, five days

    In Williamson County I had a misdemeanor charge dismissed, allowing my client to avoid all the penalties. The following day I was able to have a charge for family violence in Travis County dismissed. In a case that took place in the juvenile court I was able to gain a dismissal for my client. A c... Read On


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