Should You Waive Your Parole Revocation Hearing?

Should You Waive Your Parole Revocation Hearing?

– RJ, Texas


Parolees should never waive their revocation hearing. For those allegations which are true they should accept responsibility at their hearing. Many times while an allegation may be true there may be extenuating circumstances. For example while a person may have missed a meeting with their parole officer, they may have had issues with the bus.

Also many times a parole officer may leave a card at a residence with a new parole date and that card is not received. None of this can be discussed if the hearing is waived. Furthermore, having a hearing gives the parolee the chance to discuss the good things that are going on in their life such as jobs and counseling.

If you have a revocation hearing coming up, talk to an experienced Austin Parole Revocation Attorney.

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